isigo® H2.0 (D)

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The isigo®H2.0 electric kickboard is a hydrogen driven vehicle demonstrating super safe Zoz-Hydrogen-Technology. Based on the solely battery-driven isigo®1.0 this kickboard comes with two metal hydride based H2Tank2Go®-cartridges and a 320 W PEM fuel cell. At optimal conditions it offers up to max. 120 km of range.


why & what

In electro/-hydrogen mobility world, much is promised and a lot expected. In order to prove that what you see is real at this cost, we already offer the isigo®H2.0 at no warranty and at no approval.Isigo H2.0 Prototyp



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isigo® H2.0
isigo® H2.0 prototypeisigo® H2.0
click ‘n’ go system H2Tank2Go®


isigo® H2.0 technical data, dimensions &
max. speed ca. 35 km/h1)
range max. 120 km1)
drive-power 500 W
load capacity 100 kg
brakes disc brakes
fuel-cell PEM-FC, 320 W (24V)
converter DC-DC (24V → 48V)
buffer micro-bat Li-ion, 48 V / 2,5 Ah
tank H2Tank2Go® (2x)


pressure tank

< 10 bar
(Hydrolium®, solid state absorption)
refueling time click`n`go (10s)



0,5 bar
dimensions 1085 × 285 × 460 mm
net weight [kg] 39
available colours black
net cost € 5.000,00

1) depends on riding, route and load