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Company PDF FilePress PDF
78pdfUtilization of Hydrogen for sustainable Energy and Fuels
Marcel Van de Voorde
77pdfFrom slag to high performance concrete – Manufacturing FuturBeton
Birgit Funk, Reinhard Trettin, Henning Zoz
76pdfLimited Resources at Unlimited Capabilities – New Ideas, Processes & Materials will allow a Good and can Provide a Brilliant Future
Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz
74pdfGLOCAL – Think global and act local the Zoz - TDC joint undertaking
54pdf From RT-hydride Hydrolium®/H2Tank2Go® to B4SSM/MM reactive hydride composite LiBH4+MgH2 made
by HKP/powder metallurgy process

A. Franz, H. Zoz
53pdf Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys (NFA) as the next gen.
ODS manufactured by high kinetic processing (HKP)

H.U. Benz, H. Zoz
52pdf Zentallium® - the Al-CNT nano-composite for highperformance light weight applications
A. Zoz, A. Heupel, D. Yigit, H. Zoz
51pdf High performance zinc flake pigments for anti-corrosive
coatings manufactured by HKP/powder metallurgy

A. Funk, B. Funk, H. Zoz
50pdf HKP as a PM-process utilized for environmental
applications in Mechano-Chemistry

G. Kaupp, B. Funk, H.U. Benz, A. Heupel, H. Zoz
49pdf limited resources at Unlimited Capabilities
T. Zoz, H. Zoz
48pdf Recycling of EAF dust by semi-continuous high kinetic process
H. Zoz, G. Kaupp, H. Ren, K. Goepel, Z. Tian, M. R. Naimi-Jamal
and D. Jaramillo V.
thumbnail of Metall 59 2005-05 pp200-202
41-1pdf High Performance Cements and Advanced Ordinary Portland Cement Manufacturing by HEM- Refinement and Activation
H. Zoz, D. Jaramillo V., Z. Tian, B. Trindade, H. Ren, O. Chimal-V and S. Diaz de la Torre
40pdf Reactive Dry-Milling for Environmental Protection -encouraging industrial applications for High Kinetic Processing
G. Kaupp, M. R. Naimi-Jamal, H. Ren, H. Zoz
thumbnail of Worldwide PROCESS, Germany, M5-923-28-002.qxd, pp. 24-27 [04-2003]
39pdf HKP using Carrier-gas Assisted Discharging
H. Zoz, H. Ren, H U. Benz, T. Suzuki, H. Ikehata, T. Saito
38pdf Comparative routes of solid-solutios-formation by MM of Ag-70Cu (at%)
H. Zoz, I. Vernet, D. Jaramillo V.
37pdf Solid-solution-formation by MM of the Ag-70at%Cu alloy
H. Zoz, S. Morales, D. Jaramillo V.
36pdf Alternative Mechanical Milling routes for grain-refinement of conventional High-Speed Steel powder for later consolidation by SPS
H. Zoz , K. Ameyama, S. Umekawa, H. Ren, D. Jaramillo V.
34pdf Environmentally Protecting Reactive Milling
G. Kaupp, M.R. Naimi-Jamal, H. Ren, H. Zoz
33pdf Mechanically alloyed SiC composite powders for HVOF applications
B. Wielage, J. Wilden, T. Schnick, A. Wank, J. Beczkowiak, R. Schülein, H. Zoz, H. Ren
31pdf Simoloyer®: major characteristics and features
H. Zoz
30pdf Reactive Milling with the Simoloyer®: environmentally benign quantitative reactions without solvents and wastes
G. Kaupp, J. Schmeyers, M. R. Naimi Jamal, H. Zoz, H. Ren
29pdfDevelopment of High-performance Nd-Fe-B Magnetic-Filter for Separation of Metallic Impurities
H.U. Benz, M. Bommert, J.S. Kim, D.J. Vigueras and H. Zoz
25pdf High Kinetic Processing of Enamel, Part I
H. Zoz, H.U. Benz, G. Schäfer,M. Dannehl, J. Krüll, F. Kaup, H. Ren, R. Reichardt
High Kinetic Processing of Enamel, Part I
H. Zoz, H.U. Benz, G. Schäfer,M. Dannehl, J. Krüll, F. Kaup, H. Ren, R. Reichardt
23pdf Stellite bearings for liquid Zn-/Al-Systems with advanced chemical and physical properties by Mechanical Alloying and Standard-PM-Route –
Part I

H.Zoz, H. Ren, R. Reichardt, H.U. Benz, K. Hüttebräucker, L. Furken
19pdf Processing of Ceramic Powder using High Energy Milling (HEM)
H. Zoz, H. Ren
18pdf Energy Balance during Mechanical Alloying, Measurement and Calculation Method supported by the MALTOZ®-software
H. Zoz, H. Ren, R. Reichardt
17pdf Ductile Metal Flakes based on [Au], [Ag], [Al], [Cu], [Ti], [Zn] and [Fe] Materials by High Energy Milling · Part I
H. Zoz, H. Ren, R. Reichardt, H.U. Benz, A. Nadkarni, G. Wagner
15pdf Improved Ag-SnO2 Electrical Contact Material Produced by Mechanical Alloying
H. Zoz, N. Späth
14pdf High Energy Milling / Mechanical Alloying / Reactive Milling
H. Zoz, H. Ren, R. Reichardt, H.U. Benz
13bpdf Simoloyer CM100s · semi-continuously Mechanical Alloying in a production scale using Cycle Operation · Part II
H. Zoz, D. Ernst, R. Reichardt, T. Mizutani, M. Nishida, H.Okouchi
12pdf Mechanical Alloying of Fe-Based Solid Lubricant Composite Powders
D. Ernst, H. Weiss, R. Reichardt, H. Zoz
11pdf Mechanical alloying using cycle operation · A new way to synthesize CMB-materials ·
H. Zoz, D. Ernst
10pdf Mechanical Alloying of Ti-Ni based Materials using the Simoloyer
H. Zoz, D. Ernst, I. S. Ahn, W.H. Kwon
09pdf Mechanical Alloying of Ti-24Al-11Nb using the Simoloyer
H. Zoz, D. Ernst, H. Weiss, M. Magini, C. Powell, C. Suryanarayana, F.H. Froes
08 High Energy Milling (HEM) Equipment
H. Zoz
07pdf Performance of the Simoloyer
H. Zoz
02pdf Application and Design of Drummills
H. Zoz, R. Reichardt, J.-S. Kim
Application and Design of Drummills
H. Zoz, R. Reichardt, J.S. Kim
01pdf Trommelmühlen: Allgemeine Betrachtungen
H. Zoz
Trommelmühlen: Einfluß der Trommelgeometrie auf die Mahlleistung Attritor technology: latest developments
H. Zoz
Simoloyer Technology · Optimized Charging and Discharging in the MA-Prozess illustrated by solid lubricant powders (Fe/MoS2)
H. Zoz , D. Ernst, H. Weiss
Simoloyer Technology · Optimized Charging and Discharging
H. Zoz
Herstellung von Metall-Flakes durch hochkinetischen Mahlprozess
H. Zoz, H. Ren, R.Reichardt, H.U. Benz