Laboratory Equipment

Devices are summarized into the lab area which are applied typically in powder, material and process laboratories, anyhow, they are considered to the laboratory sector of Zoz GmbH.

Gloveboxes are airtight housings with at least one lock (e.g. air lock) and a set of gloves for manipulation under controlled atmosphere (protection gas), e.g., for the Handling of reactive powders or for the operation of small devices in controlled atmosphere.

Vacuum furnace tubes are preferably used for:

  • Preparation of as-milled and to be milled materials
  • heating & evacuation/gassing for:
  • drying and/or degassing of powder
  • extraction of organic additives
  • heat treatment e.g. of conductive flakes
  • chemical reactions by different gassing

Cyclones are preferably used for pressure compensated transfer of powder material and granules in continuous / semi-continuous processing in aero-dynamic system.