(CM)-Simoloyer® represent in the area of plants and devices the draught horse of Zoz GmbH and reflect almost one decade of specialization in mechanical alloying (MA), high energy milling (HEM) and reactive milling (RM).
Generally we would call these systems high-kinetic rotor ball mills.

  • Mechanial Alloying (MA)
  • High Energy Milling (HEM)
  • High Kinetic Processing (HKP)
  • Reactive Milling (RM)
  • Mixing
  • industrial- and laboratory scale
  • wet and dry operation
  • controlled-atmosphere
  • vacuum
  • over-pressure
  • quick charge grinding unit
  • software controlled
  • scalable

Simoloyer® (flyer general)

Simoloyer® scale CM01- CM900

thumbnail of CM01 (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM01 thumbnail of CM08 (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM08 thumbnail of CM20 (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM20
thumbnail of CM100b (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM100 thumbnail of CM400 (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM400 thumbnail of CM900 (E) 1604Simoloyer® CM900

batch, auto-batch & semi-continuous operation

CM01-2lm charging & operating thumbnail of CM01-AB0108 auto-batch thumbnail of CM01-AB01 08 autobatch
thumbnail of CM020-AB20 thumbnail of CM100-AB100 thumbnail of CM100-AB100s5 (E) 2201
thumbnail of CM100-AB100 VidGolem thumbnail of CM01 Conti (E) 1901 thumbnail of CM100s1 semi-conti (E) 1901
thumbnail of HKP CM20 cement (E) 1901


Function Principle



thumbnail of CM08-20 TGD20a (E) 2201 thumbnail of CM100 TGD100a (E) 2201 thumbnail of CMxx TTB-HTB (E) 2201
TGD20 TGD100 TTB-HTB low/high temp.

thumbnail of ContainerTrack (E) 2201

Container track DV63


thumbnail of CMxx modular rotor (E) 2201


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Maltoz® Operating System




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