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Hydrogen again.

If a believed to be highly modern industrial country like Germany is worried about “getting through winter”, this also describes an unprecedented high demand for energy self-sufficient systems for all areas of life.

Economic use continues to fail e.g. at Power to Gas to Fuel (P2G2F®), as probably one of the most attractive examples of innovative hydrogen technology, it fails at the high reconversion costs utilizing fuel cells. Hydrogen for fueling combustion engines fails as of the required pre-compression, the hydrogen turbine additionally for the high-temperature materials that are either not available or only available at very high cost. Even after decades, no significant products exist in this sector that can stand without massive subsidies and/or political market interventions. The diesel engine remains unbeatable.

Similar to the inventions H2F2Go and Power-Plant (DE 10 2022 122 863 + 862 # 08.09.2022), the Hydrogen Gasgrill (H2Grill2Go # 07.12.2022) requires neither electricity for an electric drive motor nor a fuel gas at correspondingly high volumetric energy density in order to feed a combustion engine.



In search was each an existing process applied on large scale, in which clean hydrogen fuel gas can be burned same clean but under normal pressure replacing fossil fuel. Pressurized storage of hydrogen here is not an option due to the high compression cost.

Virtually bypassing so far insuperable barriers, the combination of a thermoprocessing plant with regenerative energy generation, electrolysis, H2-solid-state storage (virtually pressureless) and H2-burner (P2G2H, power-to-gas-to-heat), H2-Cremation and H2-Grill can therefore serve as an economically operated bridging technology at enormous importance.

H2Grill2Go burns hydrogen as the heat source, which is produced onboard from water and electricity using electrolysis and temporarily stored in a loss-free H2-solid-state fuel tank. Electricity is provided by photovoltaic and wind energy via a buffer battery, rainwater quality is sufficient, only sun, wind and rain are needed.

Using portable tanks H2Tank2Go®, you can drive to the bakery virtually on the grill or heat your living room. Utilizing ideal H2 combustion, that even converts rainfall into purest water. For the dining table lamp, the buffer battery at the storage unit is sufficient.



done ! 3 months, day and night. Designed a completely new system, wrote a whole book to it, we registered 2 patents today, September 8th, 2022. The power plant with 75 pages and 34 claims, the hydrogen (very similar) with 76 pages and 36 claims (see below, click on the gray ICONs).

Power Plant + Hydrogen = H2F2Go = human, efficient and environmentally friendly cremation

Dignity piety respect | ideal hydrogen combustion | CO2-free | thermodynamics | isolated heating circuit | gas equation | ideal convection | no cross-contamination in the gas phase | no hazardous waste disposal | vacuum/turbine technology | high-temperature materials from nuclear fusion | graphite electrodes and silicon nitride | lime water conversion | double wall vs. afterburner chamber | energetically ideal HT-operation | mechano-chemical mercury vapor absorption | high-kinetic thermal process | exhaust gas minimization through EG-recirculation | lightweight design | mobile HT-sensors | enormous energy and time saving | green hydrogen | circular energy economy.

ODS-19YAT (Zoz PM2000) and ODS-19YAl (PM2017)

Power-to-Gas-to-Power (P2G2P)

Cremation as a by-product of temporary storage of so-called renewable energy.

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