Ball mills

Ball mills are devices where a product is treated by the load of moving grinding media. Basically the distinguishing features of drummills are different kinds of this treatment which can fundamentally divided into shear, friction and collision where a strict distinction is possible very rarely only. The grinding media transfers kinetic energy either from a rotating vessel (roller mill, bal lmill BM or drum mill) or from a rotating impeller/rotor (Simoloyer®) into the product. In ball mills that allow a high kinetic energy input (Simoloyer®), this transfer mainly is performed by collision of free moving balls, in systems of a lower kinetic (e.g. drummills) predominantly by shear and friction in a rolling to cascading adjusted ball-packet.

The application range of drum mills leads in dependency of adjusted parameters from mixing, dispersing, de-agglomerating and particle size reduction up to the influencing of materials-structure sometimes in interaction with chemical and solid state reactions which can lead to Mechanical Alloying. Due to the relatively low kinetic and the incontrovertible barrier of the critical velocity in case of rotating vessels, here this application is extremely limited and should preferably be carried out in high kinetic systems.

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