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As in the entire life, self-adjusting and integration are rewarded also in the zoz_products_center_rechts_standard.pnginternational business. Exceptions are in fact wanted highlights and point out the particular and the “not usual”. Economic growth requires infrastructure and infrastructure shall be covered by economic growth.

Exactly these rules and exactly this interaction are accommodated by the Zoz Centers.

Whenever it comes down to nanostructured materials and their manufacturing by high kinetic processing (HKP), Zoz GmbH as the core-company of Zoz Group can be indicated as the global player.

The proceeding distribution and propagation of Zoz-equipment in the entire world requires more and more not only simple subsidiaries or commercial agencies but service centers that next to Zoz-technology also supply competence in materials science and engineering locally.

In general, as for any development, innovation or improvement, also materials design makes most sense, if the achievements are scattered as broadly as possible and can be applied in large scale with sustained success. Then, because of quantities, the commodity flows have to be taken into account. Materials shall be manufactured where they are required which is valid in any case if the raw materials are available locally as well. This saves energy and logistics and contributes at high efficiency to the preservation of our planet.

In return, such scattering in particular beyond cultural barriers, can supply an enrichment not only of ideas and perspective but also down to earth can contribute to a locally opportunistic business understanding.

Due to COVID-19 politics, in December 2021, Zoz Group signed a cooperation intention with Hangzhou Municipal Government online to establish Boyang Hydrogen Energy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. jointly with Hangzhou Lingxiao Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce high-tech and new hydrogen storage materials from Zoz in China. Since that, Lingxiao Company is busy on realization. In one result, the joint venture has been established successfully in Hangzhou in September 2022.

former events

  • Bilateral Agreement at ZTC, Olpe, Germany, December 2015
  • joint OZ-16, cement in China, (MOHURD) Wenden, Germany, March 2016
  • Delegation to Changzhou & Shanghai, April 2016
  • official opening former center, Changzhou, May 17, 2016
  • OZ-Workshop 2016 at former center, Changzhou, May 17-18, 2016

zoz_maschienen_center_rechts_standard.pngAs highlights, taking local market requirement into account, all Zoz-Centers transfer particular up to date and highly potential attempts of Zoz Group in the area of innovative materials design.At present these are:

  • High Performance Cement by super-activation, particularly FuturZement (未来水泥) resulting into FuturBeton (未来混凝土) with 3-4x higher compressive strength, high early strength, virtually endless durability, enormous CO2-emission savings at superior economics.
  • Anti-corrosive paints and coatings based on nanostructured Zinc-Flake that can be manufactured in a super-fast and in this case also very cost effective process by HEM and can insitu be alloyed, e. g. black zinc-flakes, Zn-Al, Zn-Ni etc.

>> more information

  • Super-Light-Weight materials, particularly Zentallium® (Al-CNT composite) and affiliated materials.

>> more information

  • Manufacturing process and equipment for Li-Ion-Battery electrode materials of the 3rd generation (cathode + anode, ZoLiBat®)

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  • Hydrogen-Storage Technology, nanostructured solid state absorber materials (e. g. Hydrolium®), tank-systems (H2Tank2Go®) and „Power to Gas to Fuel“ (P2G2F®, P2H®)

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available Chinese Documents

Simoloyer Flyer

Simoloyer characteristics

Simoloyer Applications

FuturBeton Proposal OnePage – 纳米改性高强度水泥混凝土

Zoz-FuturBeton-Adler – 鹰

Compressive Strength OnePage – FuturBeton – 纳米改性高强度水泥

datasheet FuturZement – 纳米改性粒化高炉矿渣粉 (HKP-GGBS)

FuturBeton vs. OPCC OnePage – 纳米改性高强度水泥混凝土

FuturZement Industrial Processing OnePage – 纳米改性高强度水泥/混凝土

ZFP-coating Flyer – 高性能锌粉箔涂料:ZN-CP301

HKP 锌片染料| 镀锌涂料 ZN-CP301


about Boyang
Boyang Hydrogen Energy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese joint venture company established by Zoz Group and Partner Hangzhou Lingxiao Technology Co., Ltd. Boyang is the representative of Zoz Group in China.

Boyang’s goal is to promote Zoz technology in China and support Zoz Group business. Boyang has established laboratories in China to develop advanced and most commonly used nanostructured materials. At the same time, Boyang is preparing to establish a pilot plant to provide small-scale material production, such as a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms per month. All undertaking in close cooperation with Zhejiang University and Soochow University.

Boyang first focuses on Zoz Hydrogen industry related technologies utilizing

  • Mechanical Alloying
  • High Energy Milling
  • Reactive Milling

providing solutions for materials science and process engineering in application fields such as nanostructured materials, ODS, MMC, MCC, CCC, etc. by utilizing Zoz China base and through close cooperation with universities and research institutes.

Promote other Zoz products at the same time.

why right here ?
China represents an important market for both, consumer & manufacturing with enormous present & future potential for our high-performance materials and processes and technologies. Therefore, as early as 1999, we supplied the first small equipment to China, followed by the establishment of the first industrial plant in 2007. Due to language and cultural barriers, our local market in China appeared quite difficult on poor development level. For many years, only small partners have been in charge.

Thus for us, the establishment of a Sino-German joint venture such as Boyang in China is an important step for really joining the Chinese market.

organization structure
Boyang is a joint venture of the Zoz Group in China and is the Group’s representative in Greater China, responsible for all Zoz products and services, especially the advanced materials of Zoz GmbH and their processing and manufacturing.

contact and location 
BoYang Hydrogen Energy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd

Floor12 Buildng C3, No. 1 Jiulong Avenue,

310000 Hangzhou China

Dr. Wang Xiaoyang
Boyang Hydrogen Energy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd
Floor12 Building C3, No. 1 Jiulong Avenue,
310000 Hangzhou China


Mr. Ken Zhang
Deputy Managing Director, Project Manager
Boyang Hydrogen Energy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd
Floor 12 Building C3, No. 1 Jiulong Avenue,
310000 Hangzhou China

How to find, travel & accommodation

If you visit us from outside of China, you will arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport [上海浦东国际机场] and you can take a taxi to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station [上海虹桥]. From there, the train will take you to Hangzhou East Railway Station [杭州火车东站], use train D3103 or D3323 / D2125. Then, take a taxi to the Shangri-La Hotel, 18, Beishan Road, Xihu District. Distance is about 13 km, transfer time is about 40 min. If your flight arrives at Xiaoshan International Airport, the distance from there to the Shangri-La Hotel, No.18, Beishan Road, Xihu District, is only 32 kilometers, commuting time is about 1 h. In any case, Zoz Org. will help you with various trips, local transportation and booking services.

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