Magnetic Filters

The new magnetic filters type MF-DN* reflect the symbiosis from arrangements building as well as use of these arrangements at the Zoz GmbH. The system convinces by the highest performance on account of magnet-fair construction and use of modern magnet materials. The manipulation is conceivable simple there the devices fit without adapter in standard-pipings as well as funnels and pressure capsules and are to be disassembled by means of a single screw completely and to be particularly simply to cleaned, therefore. The low expenses are as well impressive as the big free passage by implementation of an inside and exterior ring crack. Reference confirmations of celebrated email and glaze manufacturers are already available on inquiry.

Magnetic Filter MF-DN100x110 Magnetic Filter MF-DN100x110
thumbnail of Magnetfilter (E) 1901 thumbnail of Magnetfilter (E) Kapsel mit Siebeinsatz 1901
Magnetic Filter MF-DN100x110-*
Capsule-types, port- and assembly-options
Magnetic Filter MF-DN100x110-*
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Funnelmagnet 120-27 (German) Publication:
Magnetfilter Interceram Vol52Nr3
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