Research & Development

No life in this world can enduringly exist without development. To encourage development, we might want to research. Standstill is forbidden and all of us on this planet are learning every day and every second as long as we live.

And so also at Zoz GmbH, that is driven by human beings, not a single day and not a single hour lapse where we don’t work on nanostructures in powder materials, layers or bulk parts, on intelligent applications therefore or in reverse on advanced materials for top-demands and requirements.

In the responsibility of process engineering and process development, we likewise claim to become better every day with respect to our entire process-technology, operation and control as well as to applied processing itself e. g. in order to economically and completely decontaminate environmental toxins (see Patents & Trademarks).

Since we are further convinced, that numerous brains individually can see more than a few, we work permanently also in cooperative projects and usually also in those that are public funded.

The results of activities and efforts in favourable case can then directly be seen in terms of new materials systems, bulk parts and coatings, in terms of extended advanced process-technology under the products category on this homepage.


Not at last, synergies within Zoz Group also become relevant right here. E. g. Zoz Sailing GbR needs high performance marine parts for sports catamarans (see high performance rudder blades made by composite materials) and Zoz Living GbR would like to process high reflective and at the same time high corrosion resistant coating-materials for roofing in southern regions (see R&D, high reflective and high corrosion resistant secondary coatings in particular for roofing based on Zn-Al-M-DMF).

an einem Hobie-CAT 16
Zoz Sailing, Venezuela
verschiedene DMF-Schichten
DMF = Duktile Metall-Flakes
Nd-Fe-B Hochleistungsmagnetfilter

And such results can even get closer to the daily life. So in Western-Europe, the probability for those patients having modern ceramic dental fillings is 80 % and higher, that they are carrying a product, that during manufacturing history has passed one of our high performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic filter systems. And also these have been developed and are manufactured here.