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Roller-Mill RM1 Roller-Mill RM1s Roller-Mill RM20 Grinding vessels

The Roller-Mill is a variation of milling devices, where simple handling, suitability of almost each circular vessels and low investment costs are required.Rollenmuehle1.jpg

The typical feature of the Roller-Mill RM1 is the direct drive inside the rolls. Because (drive-) protections are not necessary, the design is extremely compact.

Roller-Mills are used as laboratory equipment for grinding, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing.


simple handling, using different kinds of circular vessels by adjusting the rolls,

the drive is integrated inside the rolls, compact design, low investment costs.


using 3 or 4 rolls for several vessels.



  • (grinding-)vessels in stainless- or wear-resistible steel, glass, (transparental) plastics, porzelain, several ceramic (linings), coatings (e.b. rubber, hard metal, CVD etc.)
  • universal holding device, e.g. for video head


operation manual, statement of conformity.