Intellectual Property Rights

In fact property rights, such as patents and trademarks do not at all fit to our overall business-understanding and philosophy. Any however described lead over the others should in best case be assured, maintained and extended not by legal protection but simply by going ahead and moving forward which does stand out for economic thinking as well as human acting. Technical progress in favourable case accompanied by prosperity should benefit the entire planet and this preferably free of charge.
So far the wishful thinking!
Since we are not alone in this world, we have to take into account and adjust at least as much as necessary to our environment. And therefore we do go for patents and we do go for trademarks.The given philosophy and the given understanding at least make us to limit this to the wherewithal. And the same goes for the fact and in particular once and as a SME having the understanding of a “slim company”, that especially patents have to be regarded with different points of view. In fact most of the patents are not worth the paper they are written on because either you do not want to publish the particular invention or you would not have the financial shoulder to claim e.g. a large organization for violating your intellectual properties.

The more complicated patens res. the described inventions are, the less the values of the property rights are. Valuable patens must be very simple e. g. like a wheel that must be round or would not work at all.

patent protected
Ask-draingrating system
patent protected Cycle Operation prozessing procedure
Among our patents valid in Germany, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea, we have only two patents, that are that simple and clear, that we would go to any court for them. This is the Ask-draingrating system (essential and key part of vacuum air-look) and the Cycle Operation processing procedure with e.g. the US-Patent No. 5,678,776 and 6,019,300 respectively.
Trademarks are not that important in a niche market as ours, where not thousands or millions of customers are the target. . In fact we were until 2008 holding only 3 brands res. trademarks which are first and most important the Zoz-Logo®, second the brand name Simoloyer® as well as third the Software-name MALTOZ® which became at the same time our street name at the headquarter of Zoz Group in Germany.

Since we are intensively working on parts made by CNT-reinforced Aluminium (Zentallium®) and with this potentially revolutionary nanostructure-material aspire to the global market, exactly this trademark has been added in July 2009. Further brands for H2-storage tanks and E-mobility modules are under official examination.
In summary, we still do not consider patents and trademarks to supply any significant global protection; we consider them mainly as a support of reputation.Again, protection and assurance (= success ?) of our business is provided by our philosophy which we apply in strategy. What could be copied elsewhere would have lost validity before becoming dangerous.