Agitated Tanks, Filter-Carts, Screens

This product group represents equipment, that is usually adapted in processing systems with ball mills. Agitated Tanks are either used to maintain dispersions/suspensions, or in other design to set them up. Vibrating screens, which are usually built on screen-carts, are utilized for the classification or protective screening after grinding processes. Magnetic filters are used to extract metallic particles, filter-carts are used to carefully separate solid/liquid mixtures, e.g. metal flakes from organic solutions.

thumbnail of Rührwerksbehälter RW1-5-RW30 (E) 1901

Agitated Tanks RW

thumbnail of Schwingsiebe SW28-40-50 (E) 1901

Vibrating Screens SW28, 40, 50, 60, 70

thumbnail of Siebwagen (E) 1901

Screen-Carts for vibrating Screens SW**

thumbnail of Pumpstände (E) 1901

Pump-Stations PS1**a/b

thumbnail of Transportwagen (E) 1901

Mobile Tank RP**

thumbnail of Schwingsieb mit BA (E) 1901

Vibrating Screens, with Brush-impeller Drive

thumbnail of Schwingsieb mit FU (E) 1901

Vibrating Screens, converter-driven

thumbnail of Schwingsieb mit MF und FibTri (E) 1901

Vibrating Screens SW* equipped with Magnetic Filters