Internal projects are executed without other partners and, therefore, must be financed without external expense contribution. They refer either to advancements of own process-technical plants or direct problem definitions at the customer or in own powder production.
The projects has shortly to long-term character, the project term moves between 0.5-3 years.

  • 01 TPW
  • 02 Brite Euram
  • 03 CRAFT Phase I
  • 04 CRAFT Phase II
  • 05 TIP
  • 06 EU-EESD
  • 07 CRAFT


Cooperative projects are projects without public participation. Objective is here always a direct application with the corresponding industrial partner. Other research institutes or universities can also be involved.
The projects have shortly to medium-term character, the project term moves between 0.5-2 years.

  • CP 09-1-1836
  • CP 09-2-7223
  • CP 09-8-4413

Public funded projects are mostly group projects within the framework of European or West German innovation promotion. Partly it is also about regional programs.
The projects have medium-term character, the project term moves between 1-3 years.

  • BriteEuram BE-95-1231
  • CRAFT BE-S2-3506
  • Reg.Innov.Sup.Prog. NRW
  • CRAFT 1999-70229
  • TPW-Projekt 2000