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Mechanical Alloying – High Energy Milling – Reactive Milling
Mechanical process engineering for Nanostructures

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As in the entire life, self-adjusting and integration are rewarded also in the international business. Exceptions are in fact wanted highlights and point out the particular and the “not usual”. Economic growth requires infrastructure and infrastructure shall be covered by economic growth.Exactly these rules and exactly this interaction are accommodated by the Zoz Centers.

Whenever it comes down to nanostructured materials and their manufacturing by high kinetic processing (HKP), Zoz GmbH as the core-company of Zoz Group can be indicated as the global player.
The proceeding distribution and propagation of Zoz-equipment in the entire world requires more and more not only simple subsidiaries or commercial agencies but service centers that next to Zoz-technology also supply competence in materials science and engineering locally.

In general, as for any development, innovation or improvement, also materials design makes most sense, if the achievements are scattered as broadly as possible and can be applied in large scale with sustained success. Then, because of quantities, the commodity flows have to be taken into account. Materials shall be manufactured where they are required which is valid in any case if the raw materials are available locally as well. This saves energy and logistics and contributes at high efficiency to the preservation of our planet.

In return, such scattering in particular beyond cultural barriers, can supply an enrichment not only of ideas and perspective but also down to earth can contribute to a locally opportunistic business understanding.



  • Introduction during Hannover Fair, Germany, April 2015


  • Bilateral Agreement at ZTC, Olpe, Germany, June 2015
  • Official Opening Zoz-TDC Center at Sendai, August 24, 2015

As highlights, taking local market requirement into account, all Zoz-Centers transfer particular up to date and highly potential attempts of Zoz Group in the area of innovative materials design.At present these are:

  • High Performance Cement by super-activation, particularly FuturZement (FutureCement) resulting into FuturBeton (FutureConcrete) with 3x higher compressive strength, high early strength, substantially higher durability, enormous CO2-emission savings at superior economics.
    >> More information
  • Anti-corrosive Paint based on Zinc-Flake that can be manufactured in a super-fast and in this case also very cost effective process by HEM and can insitu be alloyed, e. g. black zinc-flakes, Zn-Al, Zn-Ni etc.
    >> More Information
  • Super-Light-Weight materials, particularly Zentallium® (Al-CNT composite) and affiliated materials.
    >> More Information
  • Herstellungsprozess und Anlagen für Li-Ionen-Batterie-Elektrodenwerkstoffe der 3ten Generation (Kathode + Anode, ZoLiBat®)
    >> More Information
  • Hydrogen-Storage Technology, nanostructured solid state absorber materials (e. g. Hydrolium®), tank-systems (H2Tank2Go®) and „Power to Gas to Fuel“ (P2G2F®, P2H®)
    >> More Information

about the Center:

The goal of the Zoz-TDC Center is to promote Zoz technology and business as well as to support the entire Zoz Group in Japan and to develop advanced and most frequently nanostructured materials on site. Additionally a small scale manufacturing of the same is offered which is oriented in the range of several kilos up to a few hundred kilos per month. This shall be done in cooperation with Tohoku University virtually next door at Sendai and Josai University at Tokyo.

The Zoz-TDC Center focuses on:

  • Mechanical Alloying
  • High Energy Milling
  • Reactive Milling

and additionally provides:

  • common compaction and consolidation as well as HIP, MIM, CIM and SPS
  • Plasma Coating Techniques
  • materials characterization, SEM, TEM, BET, laser diffraction etc.

by utilizing Zoz global infrastructure and by means of close co-operation with local universities in order to offer solutions in materials science and process engineering in applications like nanocrystalline & amorphous materials, ODS, MMC, MCC, CCC as well as M/C-Polymer compounds in the field of advanced materials for industry, life, energy and nature-saving.

why right here ?
The Zoz-TDC Center represents the result of the cooperation from Zoz and TDC, two about equal size family owned businesses and both active on the one hand in similar and on the other hand in rather different business fields of “surfaces”

The high-tech corporation TDC is one of the top ranking companies in Japan specializing on high-precision surfaces (polishing down to nanometer range) and components in micron-size – thus one can e.g. acquire sharp edged cubes with an edge length of 0.03 mm that can only be seen under the microscope ! Products of TDC are currently travelling in space with the Japanese Hayabusa mission.

Insofar Zoz regularly is involved in the generation and functionalization of super large surfaces of (powder) materials namely so-called nanostructures, whereas TDC endeavors by polishing – so to say by leveling down to the nanometer range to make these surfaces as small as possible – and thereby functionalize alike -. e. g. optical or chemical functionalization.

So similarities and opposites equally bring us together where the key of the similarities may be described by the term “family owned business”. Quick decisions, very short paths and the conviction to get things going have provided the decisive factor, to virtually super-fast bring up the Zoz-TDC Center and the pace seems to be maintained.

In June 2015, Prof. Zoz said to this literally: “after the first contact in April at Hannover Fair – so just a few weeks ago – there was a whole menu of proposals from myself and never before I have seen in Japan that someone was even in an attempt able to decide that quickly and goal oriented. Now they are here, a corresponding cooperation with Tohoku University at Sendai is already on the way and soon we will be there with a branch. My utmost positive surprise may insofar be caused by the fact that we so far in Japan only know the really big ones like Toyota or Sumitomo or universities and institutes – and at the exception of one of our major customers, namely Fukuda at Kyoto, did not have anything to do yet with family owned businesses. On top of this a woman as the corporate decision maker – this is something particularly exceptional. And I`m saying thank you very much to everybody involved and I am looking forward to the joint future in Japan as well as in Europe.



organization and structure

The Zoz-TDC Center is an independent activity inside Zoz Group representing all Zoz products and services in the Center’s hemisphere. This predominantly for Zoz GmbH which guides to advanced materials and their processing and manufacturing.

contact and location:

Zoz-TDC Center
24-15 chojamae iidoi rifu-cho miyagi-gun
Miyagi, 981-0113, Japan

contact persons – we on site

frau_akabane.jpgYuko Akabane
President & CEO
24-15 chojamae iidoi rifu-cho
Miyagi, 981-0113, Japan


Ryoya Akabane
Chairmen and CEO






Kaname Mutou
Executive Director



How to find, travel & accommodation:

The most conveniently connected International airport is the Haneda International Airport (HND) at Tokyo.

From there, every few minutes the Tokyo Monorail commutes within 20 minutes to Hamamatsucho Station. There one changes to the Keihintohoku Line and 3 stops further and 5 minutes later arrives at Tokyo Central Station.

From Tokyo Station, one continues with the Shinkansen (high speed train, JR-East) to reach Sendai Central Station 1.5 or 2 hours later, depending on what type of train you have caught.
From Sendai Station, the 15 km away Zoz-Center TDC can be reached within 30 minutes by taxi. The Tohoku University is 5 km away and can be reached within 10 minutes by taxi.

All together, for the trip Haneda-Sendai, one should calculate 2 – 3.5 h. The trains do not serve at night!

Map-view Zoz-TDC Center:

In case you are planning a visit from outside Japan, please contact Zoz Travel at travel@zoz.de

If you need to stay overnight, we can most frequently offer a cost-effective rate at the 4-star “Westin Hotel, Sendai”. In any case Zoz Travel will help you with all kind of travel, local transportation and booking services.

Westin Hotel at Sendai
1-9-1 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku
Sendai, Miyagi 980-0811, Japan





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