The business-field of equipment manufacturing at Zoz GmbH covers a wide range of mechanical process engineering.

Next to the specialisation on the production of nanostructured materials via high kinetic processing (HKP), we offer equipment for milling and particle size reduction, mixing and dispersing, sieving and filtering, atomizing, degassing and passivation.
The accessories cover the complete materials transfer, the product handling and the plant-operation.

The broadly scattered application areas include chocolate and enamel, hard-phased materials and fuels for solid-propellant rockets.

powder materials, bulk parts, lacquers & paints

We are utilizing Zoz-equipment in particular to manufacture nanostructured powder-materials. Next to selling, we also process Zoz-powder in lacquers and paints and to bulk parts.

Basically these at present are metal-flake coatings, contact materials, high performance magnetic filters, mechanically alloyed bearing bushes and rudder-blades for sport-sailing boats.

Consolidation is most frequently done by HIP and LPS/HIP but not in-house.
Since by our technology, there are practically no limits neither for material pairing nor for the design of completely new materials, the same is valid for future bulk products and coatings.