Powder Processing

Early 1998 we started a small-scale powder production in our laboratory operations. For the execution of external jobs as well as for research projects, several Simoloyer (CM01, CM08 and CM20) in various types (e.g. chambers with heating system) with full staff equipment like air-locks, sample-units and glove-box are under operation. The production quantity of various and most frequently very special materials varies in the range up to 100 kg.

Usually external production jobs as well as pilot testing is covered by strict confidential agreements and is of course handled as such.

Furthermore we use a drummill (Comb03, laboratory scale, 30 liters) with various chambers which has up to now mostly been used for the processing of feedstock-materials for MIM.

Since September 2001 we have already our first own product series that is produced in co-operation with S&Z Anti-Corrosion Coatings Inc. in the US. These are Zn-powder grades SZ001, 002 and 003 which are used for zinc-rich coatings as anti-corrosion material.

Of course we have a specialist staff to carry out all needed powder/product characterization. However, due to high investment cost, most of the needed equipment (SEM/EDX, XRD, TEM, chemical analysis) is not available in-house. Here we have a very good and effective cooperation with our local university where our staff operates the corresponding investigations.

In-house we up to now only operate optical microscopy, laser diffraction as well as conventional testing.