Zoz UCB Center

Zoz-UCB Center, Berkeley, CA

Mechanical Alloying – High Energy Milling – Reactive Milling
Mechanical process engineering for Nanostructures


As in the entire life, self-adjusting and integration are rewarded also in the international business. Exceptions are in fact wanted highlights and point out the particular and the “not usual”. Economic growth requires infrastructure and infrastructure shall be covered by economic growth.Exactly these rules and exactly this interaction are accommodated by the Zoz Centers.Whenever it comes down to nanostructured materials and their manufacturing by high kinetic processing (HKP), Zoz GmbH as the core-company of Zoz Group can be indicated as the global player.

The proceeding distribution and propagation of Zoz-equipment in the entire world requires more and more not only simple subsidiaries or commercial agencies but service centers that next to Zoz-technology also supply competence in materials science and engineering locally.

In general, as for any development, innovation or improvement, also materials design makes most sense, if the achievements are scattered as broadly as possible and can be applied in large scale with sustained success. Then, because of quantities, the commodity flows have to be taken into account. Materials shall be manufactured where they are required which is valid in any case if the raw materials are available locally as well. This saves energy and logistics and contributes at high efficiency to the preservation of our planet.

In return, such scattering in particular beyond cultural barriers, can supply an enrichment not only of ideas and perspective but also down to earth can contribute to a locally opportunistic business understanding.

regional responsibility, USA East & West




  • official opening June 2012
  • OZ-Workshop 2012, University of California, Berkeley, June 22, 2012

Zoz-UCB Center, Berkeley, CA

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  • OZ-Workshop 2015, University of California, Berkeley, May 15 2015


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As highlights, taking local market requirement into account, all Zoz-Centers transfer particular up to date and highly potential attempts of Zoz Group in the area of innovative materials design.At present these are:

  • High Performance Cement by super-activation, particularly FuturZement (FutureCement) resulting into FuturBeton (FutureConcrete) with 3x higher compressive strength, high early strength, substantially higher durability, enormous CO2-emission savings at superior economics.
    >> More information
  • Anti-corrosive Paint based on Zinc-Flake that can be manufactured in a super-fast and in this case also very cost effective process by HEM and can insitu be alloyed, e. g. black zinc-flakes, Zn-Al, Zn-Ni etc.
    >> More Information
  • Super-Light-Weight materials, particularly Zentallium® (Al-CNT composite) and affiliated materials.
    >> More Information
  • Herstellungsprozess und Anlagen für Li-Ionen-Batterie-Elektrodenwerkstoffe der 3ten Generation (Kathode + Anode, ZoLiBat®)
    >> More Information
  • Hydrogen-Storage Technology, nanostructured solid state absorber materials (e. g. Hydrolium®), tank-systems (H2Tank2Go®) and „Power to Gas to Fuel“ (P2G2F®, P2H®)
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about the Center

The goal of the Zoz-UCB Center is to promote Zoz technology and business as well as to support the entire Zoz Group in the United States of America (Western States) and to develop advanced and most frequently nanostructured materials on site. Additionally a small scale manufacturing of the same is offered which is oriented in the range of several kilos up to a few hundred kilos per month. This all is done since the opening and in close cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley.

The Zoz-UCB Center focuses on:

  • Mechanical Alloying
  • High Energy Milling
  • Reactive Milling

and additionally provides:

  • common compaction and consolidation as well as HIP, MIM, CIM and SPS
  • Plasma Coating Techniques
  • materials characterization, SEM, TEM, BET, laser diffraction etc.

by utilizing Zoz global infrastructure and by means of close co-operation with local universities in order to offer solutions in materials science and process engineering in applications like nanocrystalline & amorphous materials, ODS, MMC, MCC, CCC as well as M/C-Polymer compounds in the field of advanced materials for industry, life, energy and nature-saving.


why right here ?

There are already super important and highly appreciated customers in the US, such as 3M, Heraeus, US-Army, Lockheed Martin, GE, GM, Osram-Sylvania as well as institutes like NIST, Oakridge and Ames Laboratories as well as Los Alamos National Labs.
However, if we compare the situation and again on customers in this case such as Asahi, Fukuda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sumitomo and Toyota et al in Japan, the United States represent an insofar and in volume significantly underdeveloped market and at the same time offering a huge development capability where the direct presence with more than just an office appears as an ultimate goal to particularly overcome the “buy American” barrier. Next to this, the United States of America for us do provide and offer an excellent business environment with good growth capability which is another major driving force for the activities in California.


organization and structure

The Zoz-UCB Center is an independent activity inside Zoz Group representing all Zoz products and services in the Center’s hemisphere. This predominantly for Zoz GmbH which guides to advanced materials and their processing and manufacturing.

contact and location:

Zoz-UCB Center
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Nuclear Engineering
4169 Etcheverry Hall
Berkeley, CA
United States


contact persons – we on site

Dr. Martin JanousekDr. Martin Janousek
Zoz USA & button corp.
22344 McClellan Road,
Cupertino, CA 94015, USA
Tel +1-408-475-6060


Dan GrapDan Grap
Zoz USA & button corp.
22344 McClellan Road,
Cupertino, CA 94015, USA



Prof. Dr. Peter HosemannProf. Dr. Peter Hosemann
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Nuclear Engineering
4169 Etcheverry Hall
Berkeley, CA, USA


Scott ParkerScott Parker
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Nuclear Engineering
4169 Etcheverry Hall
Berkeley, CA

How to find, travel & accommodation:

Der San Francisco Airport (SFO), the global hub is about 25 miles away at about 40 min driving and offers excellent transportation connections.

By car you take US-101 (N) in north direction for about 11 miles and then merge onto Interstate I-80 (E) heading east towards Bay Bridge/Oakland. After another 11 miles, please take exit 11 to University Avenue heading towards Berkeley. After 2 miles turn left on Shattuk Avenue and just after 200 m at the second street turn right into Hearst Avenue. After 500 m, Echeverry Hall is located on your left between Euclid und Le Roy Avenue.

A little closer but less frequented is the Oakland International Airport at 16 miles distance and about 30 min driving. Take Interstate I 880 (N) heading Downtown Oakland and follow through for about 8 miles to merge into Interstate I 980 (E) heading east. Then proceed to Berkeley.

In case you are planning a visit from outside USA, please contact Zoz Travel at travel@zoz.de

If you need to stay overnight, we can most frequently offer a cost-effective rate at the 5-star Claremont Hotel Club & Spa“. In any case Zoz Travel will help you with all kind of travel, local transportation and booking services.

Claremont Hotel Club & Spa

Claremont Hotel
Club & Spa
421 Tunnel Rd
Berkeley, CA 94705