Simoloyer CM20

The CM20 is used mainly for industrial applications. The grinding units are quick changeable; the capacity of the processing chamber is between 10 and 20 litres. This relates to a powder load of 2-4kg. Due to the high efficiency the processing time is often tremendously shortened.
As grinding media we recommend for most applications steel balls. More and more ceramic and other materials are used.
This device is used mainly for R&D at universities and institutes but also at Zoz GmbH.
power 11kW, 380V, 450rpm
rotational speed 65-450 rpm
supply voltage 400V; 3 phases
weight 560kg (incl. equipment)
dimensions 1200x630x1100mm
colour RAL6001 (green)
grinding  units (changeable) 10 litres
20 litres
control MALTOZ-software
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