Agitated tanks

Agitated Tanks are generally utilized to maintaining and to some extent to recover and manufacture suspensions with a bulk density of up to 1.8 kg/dm³. Here, the large working surface of the spiral agitator allows extremely low speeds and thus a careful treatment of solids.

Agitator tanks are manufactured in 11 sizes from 150 to 3.000 liters completely in stainless steel or with plastic containers. The stainless steel containers are available with cooling/heating jackets and may be provided with a lining (e.g. rubber coating). Further options are electrical control units, load-level indicator, drain-units or leveling feet sets and consoles.

Agitated Tanks are loaded via 2 large container flaps, which also close the container. Smaller amounts of additives can be supplied via a feed opening ø 60 mm in the center-traverse. Fixed loading ports at the center-traverse are possible. The container is unloaded either via the bottom drain (lateral or centric) or by pumping down via an immersion lance (the latter only at standstill).

Mobile Tank RP**

Agitated tanks RW*