Drain-strainer NW**

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Applicationdischarging of drummills after wet-milling:

  • the auxiliary pipe and valve (types b and d) at the drain-strainer can replace a non-available ventilation valve at the vessel


  • the ring-nozzle with auxiliary valve (types c and d) at the drainstrainer allows a circle-like gas-introduction


  • auxiliary pipe and ring-nozzle (type d) allow the tuning of circle-like gas supply with respect to total introduction


  • the modular design (type m) allows an easy dismantling of the strainer-lance e.g. for exchange or cleaning as well as the use of sieve-inlets (hole-sheet) inside the lance


  • ventilation or pressurizing of grinding chamber
  • interruption-free discharging


  • less difficult discharging of high-viscose and thixotropic fluxes


  • flexibility by exchangeable sieve-inlets
Security advice for types b, c and d

the maximum operation pressure of the vessel must not be exceeded at any time!


  • a corresponding safety-valve must be built into the gas-supply;


  • if possible, the vessel shall be equipped with a safety-valve, too;

  • box-spanner for main-valve


  • fixings for box-spanner at drummill (set)


  • quick-connectings for auxiliary-valve with pipe-fitting


  • coating of drain-strainer, ceramic, PTFE, rubber, plastics
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