Here you see a overview over laboratory equipment and components.

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drain-strainer NW(T)** effect Adapter KF-A
  junction tube KF   Atomizer ZAT100
  Electrical Module-Control EMS*a*   Ballmill BM04
  Experimental Unit VS01a   Experimental Unit CIBA
  KF calming pipes   KF-glass-container
  KF container   KF tubes, straight
  Magnetic Filter   Butterfly Valve KV-DN*
  pipe bends RBA-DN*   Rollermill RM01
  Side Channel Turbine SKV**   pipe switch RW*-A
  Aero-dynamic Valve BV-DN*   Simoloyer CM01
  VacuumFurnace-Tube HR63-1   transparent pipe modules GR-DN*
  Discharging Valve RD-**   Valve-Adapter KF-B
  Discharging Valve RS-**   Charging Valve FR-**
  Heat Exchanger WT**   Pilot-Cyclones ZK**-L
  Rotary Vane Feeder ZS*   Rotary Vane Feeder ZS* m
  Isigo H2.0    Zentallium